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Re: X freezes

Scott Lewis wrote:
> I have seen exactly the same thing.  AS200, 48MB RAM, 2-1GB HDD all SCSI,
> XFree86 3.3.2-20 on a PowerStorm 3D-10 card (S3 chipet)  It locks up in a
> way I have NEVER seen a Unix machine do.  You can't kill X, you can't
> telnet in to kill or reboot, the only thing you can do is the one finger
> salute so common on certain other OS's.  Swearing a great deal tends to
> alleviate the frustration but does nothing to fix the problem.  Since
> upgrading from stock RH5.1 XFree86 reduces the frequency, but it still
> happens.  I can maybe stay in X for an hour or so before death.  I would
> love to hear any theories on this, as I don't know how many more times I
> can nuke the machine before the filesystem gets corrupted irrepairably.
> It seems to happen most often if the machine is doing something
> relatively graphics heavy, such as exporting Netscape from my Intel box,
> or playing with xlockmore.  It happens quick enough that no errors are
> written to the logfiles.  Any ideas?

I had a #9GXE64 S3 vision864 card in my PC164LX initially and
had X hangs/network card lockups. Somehow the two cards were
getting confused by each other. Swapped the S3 card out and
put in a ATI Rage Pro card and the problem went away. I suspect
there are bugs in the S3 device access code...

Could also use a Matrox Millenium (original) or a Mystique 220.
I've used both of those in my PC164 without problems. Need
a recent X server for the Rage Pro/Mystique cards.


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