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Re: Unstable Ruffian

Hi Furio !

> OTOH, I got an interesting mail from Quant-X.com where it was suggested
> to sync the disks every three seconds ("while true ; do sync ; sleep 3 ; done"
> running in background) and this apparently brought me back stability
> (at least I could successfully untar the same file).

Just for clarification:
the sync stuff "fixes" problems on LX with 1GB RAM for me.
it worked also when using "sleep 7" so you may experiment a bit.
(I checked it, bdflush/update was running)

I really wonder that this worked for me (funny that I tried this
at all ;-}) but this is for shure not a real solution.
It's interesting that this works on UX too, so we had for shure
the same problem, and I'm not totally crazy. ;-}

I tried the sync stuff because of a fancy behavior:
I have a clean linux-2.1.110 kernel and I use scripts/patch-kernel
On LX using 1GB RAM to come to the current version.
The following

cat linux-2.1.110 ; ( cd /usr/src; tar zxvpf -)

generated rejects when doing this without "sync" on
LX 1GB but works fine on {LX,SX}{128,256}MB systems.

I removed the 1GB RAM and switched back to 128MB and I
have not seen the hang on "SMC multi-i/o" anymore while
when using 1GB I needed to boot up to 9 times.

So we still have weird problems on high memory systems;
and this one does not depend on Ruffian...

  ciao - 

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