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RE: prices on cabriolet

With regards to your message at 11:35 AM 09-21-98 -0700, Mark Dohojda.
Where you stated:
>You are right SX is not "dead'
>However as you said SX is high priced.  I don't believe that performance
>and price it is a worthy buy.  LX is heck of a better motherboard, at
>least till 21264 come up.  I don't really see a point in buying SX that
>is why I called it dead.
I think the main point is that SX was supposed to be a "cheap" 21164, kind
of a Celeron version. Unfortunately for this idea the LX and 21164A dropped
to the point where the price difference was negligible, and nobody wanted
those crippled piles any more. With performance similar to a P2-333 it just
didn't make sense.


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