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Re: fsck errors on bootup... can't get into maintenance mode

Joe Reiter wrote:
> I accidentally added a line with a typo to my fstab, now the fsck fails on
> bootup.  However, when it asks me to enter my root password for maintenance
> mode, it tries to go into maintenance mode but fails saying it can't load
> something from the ncurses library.

Boot into a single user mode by adding 'single' to your usual boot
coomand.  To get a really minimal system going you may also put
'init=/bin/bash' or 'init=/bin/ash' for a good measure.  Your /etc/fstab
is not read yet if you are booting single.

> Is there an emergency disk like the intel Redhat versions
> have?

Your installation stuff will double as such emergency tool (but you
do not need one yet).  Start your usual installation process, tell
it that your things to install are on a hard drive and hit F2
to go to a second console.  You will find a shell (ash)  running from
a ram disk.  'mount' there is a different one than a regular one.
Just type 'mount' for instructions.   'sync' your disks before
rebooting or some your changes may still be in memory buffers.


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