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Re: Milo Boot Problem with APC 164UX/BX + Apologies for multiple posts.

> Hello world,
> We are trying, since several days, to make work an Alpha with the RedHut
> 5.1
> Alpha distribution.
> Here are the details on our machine:
> APC 164UX/BX (Ruffian) from Samsung (http://www.intl.samsungsemi.com)
> ARCS Bios 1.3.061 (from Deskstation Technology) this is the latest one
> Videocard Matrox Millenium on the 64-Bit PCI-Bus
> Redhat 5.1 Alpha
> What we have made:
>     We have copied the Linload.exe from /milo/arc to a new formated disk
>     and the milo-image from the /milo subdir and changed the name to
> "milo".
>     We have tried the following milo-images: PC164, LX164, Ruffian
>     This is how we have configured the setup (environment-variable):
>         LOADIDENTIFIER=Linux
>         SYSTEMPARTITION=multi(0)disk(0)fdisk(0)
>         OSLOADER=multi(0)disk(0)fdisk(0)\ldmilo.exe
>         OSLOADPARTITION=multi(0)disk(0)fdisk(0)
>         OSLOADFILENAME=\milo

Try that. Note the LDMILO instead of linload.exe.


Sorry to everyone for the multiple posts ooops.
Peter Watkinson

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