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imake/xmkmf on rh5.1 alpha, egcs1.1b

Dear axp-list,

In trying to get vnc-3.3.2 to compile on Linux RH5.1 alpha, I ran into
some problems.  It seems the imake doesn't know about alpha, or doesn't
handle it correctly.

When doing xmkmf in the toplevel of vnc, the necessary imake
AlphaArchitecture variable is not set, so none of the right switches for
the Makefile get set either.  Primarily, the LinuxMachineDefines variable
doesn't get a value, so it gets passed directly to gcc, which doesn't like
this very much.  I.e., instead of -D__alpha__, it gets just
LinuxMachineDefines as one of its arguments.

The file Imake.cf in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/conf uses __alpha to check for the
alpha in the linux clause.  I tried changing this to __alpha__, but this
still didn't help.

Anyone have any ideas?  I'd like to make a clean patch for vnc to compile
on alpha.  As an aside, debian slink distribution has a i386 vnc .deb, but
not an alpha vnc .deb -- could this perhaps be because of these problems?
Or do they have to get different maintainers for the same package on
different platforms?

Thanks very much for any help or advice,

Charl Botha

E-Mail cpbotha@sun.ac.za

Image Processing and Pattern Recognition
Digital Signal Processing Group <http://dsp.ee.sun.ac.za>
Department of Electronic Engineering
University of Stellenbosch
South Africa

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