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Re: more good Linux news!

Hello Eric

>> > platform, a California company has developed a full-blown Linux-based
>> > applications suite. 
>> Unfortunately for us, I believe this is Intel/Linux only. Good thing X
>> displays remotely...
>Just so that we're clear (cuz I've got a little professional pride, I
>confess) -- what SuSE has done is simply repackage Applixware 4.4.1 for
>Linux with several other packages, including Adabas D, and called it "Linux
>Office."  We developed it, thought, not they.  :)  Hmph.
>On the good news side, I just finished packaging up what I hope will be the
>beta copy of Applixware 4.4.1 for Linux/Alpha.  Heh heh... don't resign
>yourself to remote X display just yet!!  :)

Now thats great news for us Alpha lovers!

Thank you,

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