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Re: syslogd problems

Quoting Greg Lindahl (lindahl@cs.virginia.edu):
> 2) examine proc to see how many files various processes have open.

I looked at the time, and no process had more than 25 files open.  inetd had
the most, followed closely by innd.

> It is interesting that file-nr is so low, yet you are getting "bad
> file descriptor? Can you run a program which tries to open a file on
> occasion and sees if it works?

When that was happening, I was able to run everything I normally run (trn,
mutt, killall), just very slowly, so there was no problem opening temporary
files.  News and mail was running normally as well, and they create and
destroy hundreds of file an hour.

Paul Tomblin, ptomblin@xcski.com.
Java could allow computer users to run numerous applicatons without Windows, a
scenario Bill Gates once said "scares the hell out of me."
                           - Dan Goodin, CNET News

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