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Re: syslogd problems

Quoting David Alan Gilbert (dg@treblig.org):
> Paul Tomblin wrote:
> > 
> > Quoting Greg Lindahl (lindahl@cs.virginia.edu):
> > > 2) examine proc to see how many files various processes have open.
> > 
> > I looked at the time, and no process had more than 25 files open.  inetd had
> > the most, followed closely by innd.
> What are the numbers of the files which are open in syslogd?
> Could this be a select() problem with file descriptors > 32 or something?

I'll look again when it happens next, but I didn't start poking around
/proc/*/fd until I'd killed off syslogd.

BTW:  Does anybody know what files syslogd and klogd open?  Is it possible
that there is some race condition causing one part of the program to think a
file still exists when another part has already closed it?

Damn, I've *got* to get the source for syslogd and klogd off the CD and start
poking around.  Like I don't have enough problems...

Paul Tomblin, ptomblin@xcski.com.
Java could allow computer users to run numerous applicatons without Windows, a
scenario Bill Gates once said "scares the hell out of me."
                           - Dan Goodin, CNET News

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