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X Server/mouse problems

   I know this seems to be becoming about half the list traffic at the
moment but I thought I'd throw my
own tuppence in as I seem to have got an oddity that will probably keep
someone other than me 
amused / occupied for a while.

 Basic problem: got a pretty much stable system that's got a glitch on
the X server. Specifically the 
screen twitches/blinks/occasionally resets when the mouse is moved. I've
never caught it doing it
when the mouse is stationary (although that's no guarantee of anything).
At the same time i get that
good ol' familiar statement in /var/log/messages:

Sep 25 16:06:19 frumious kernel: X(301): unaligned trap at
					00000001206140cb 28 1

Sep 25
16:06:19 frumious kernel: X(301): unaligned trap at 000000012004e414: 
					00000001206140cf 28 2

This has been pretty consistent throughout despite me having gone
through the stock X (SVGA) server
from the RH5.1 install, a couple I built myself (different variations of
3.3.2) and a binary from
ftp://mea.tmt.tele.fi/. Underneath that I've run 2.0.34, 2.0.35 and
2.1.119 kernels (mostly w/egcs1.1b &
haifa scheduler enabled which works fine on this box).

FWIW (i.e. i forgot to mention it at the beginning) the box is a samsung
lx164 w/600MHz processor
(a digital one for some reason) w/128Mb ram, Matrox Mill2 card &c.
Monitor is an old dec vrc16 and
mouse is a 3 button ps2 noname.

Anyone got a clue about what could be causing this one? Most of the time
it's an irritation i can live with
but sometimes (thanks to the cranky ol' vrc16) it resets and the screen
turns into a half fishbowl in the top right hand corner of the screen
(Jay, are you sure those horiz & vert syncs were right?), which is, so
to speak, a pain in the arse. (it's the same with other monitors, but
they don't do fishbowl 
impersonations ;-)


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