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Re: Debian Users?

Peter S Galbraith wrote:
> "Wes Bauske" wrote:
> > 1. They hate RH. Several members of the list, to put it mildly,
> >    are jerks. I'd say they exhibit the mentality of a 10 year old.
> >    They can't reply rationally when someone complains about a
> >    problem in the distribution.
> That's too bad.  The Debian-user and Debian-devel lists are very, very
> good.  I would have hoped the same for the alpha list.

A clarification. I'd say most, if not all do not like 
RH. Only a handful are quite vocal about it and will
attack you if you say you use RH. Just yesterday, a
guy was attacked for saying he was going back to RH
because Debian was not ready for primetime. Much
of the comments implied he didn't know what he was 
doing along with "flames". I just don't find that
sort of behavior productive. 

Also, they do have people who know what's going on.
It just seems they attract the "redneck" types
in Linux, particularly on the alpha list. 
Don't know why that is.


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