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Re: unexpected interrupt 0 on AS200

Jay A Estabrook wrote:
> I forgot to remove the printk when I made the patches. Sue me... ;-}

Can you recommend some suitable lawyer. :-)

> That's why most folk have been seein these messages for IRQs 3, 4, 6,
> 14, and 15, as those are the IRQs normally assigned to those devices.
> However, there really is something wrong if you get a *lot* of these during
> normal operation.

I do not know about "normal operations".  When I first tried that I
collected a few thousands entries (something between three and four
thousands - not counting "repeated xxx times") in my log files before
I even finished to boot.  This was IRQ 14, if I remember correctly, and
my system was working - in a fashion, as I managed an orderly shutdown.
If I would be patient enough maybe I would even manage to finish that
boot sequence.  Who knows?  Jay, if you remember, I even wrote you about
this at that time.  Checking older sources I found that this particular
printk was before turned off so I did the same and now everything seems
to be happy through 2.0.34, 2.0.35 and quite a few different prereleases
of 2.0.36.

The system which displays this "interesting" behaviour is EB64+ using ARC
console 4.49-4.


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