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Re: PC164-repair

With regards to your message at 04:14 AM 09-29-98 GMT, axp@amazing.ch.
Where you stated:
>On Sep 28 Maurice Hilarius (maurice@harddata.com) wrote:
>> With regards to your message at 07:50 PM 09-28-98 GMT, axp@amazing.ch.
>> Where you stated:
>> >I have a PC164/500 which is driving me nuts.
>> >I think, it has a bad contact somewhere, but
>> >I don't find it.
>> >
>> Try these things:
>> Improve the airflow and use a bigger power supply. To very the power issue
>> set the jumpers on the board to run the CPU at a lower clockrate.
>Airflow should be fine. There are no disks in this case and
>there are 3 fans cooling the computer. I can comfortably
>touch all parts (heatsink, ram, cache).
>Next time I have the problem, I'll try to clock it down
>(never thought of this :)
>> Vobis used some really cutrate power supplies on some of their products,
>> and they usually didn't put much in the way of fans in them either.
>I replaced the 230W PS with a 300W already -> no effect.
>Any other Ideas?
Maybe, try changing where the PCI cards are stiitng, as in swap around
slots, and if you can temporarily remove ones you can run it without for a
while, like ethernet.
Sometimes a bad PCI card can make it unstable.
Also, on the PC164 there is an option for 128 bit wide versus 256 bit wide
memory access. There is a jumper to set this. IT's near the RAM at the edge
of the board. I forget the J#. THe catch is to use 256 bit memory path you
need to fill all 8 slots with identical SIMMs. No, I didn't say "same size"
I truly mean "identical".
What do you have in there for RAM and the setting of this jumper?

Also, take out the SIMMs, (making sure you are thoroughly grounded) and
polish the contacts with a soft cotton cloth. While you are doing this look
and see if those are tin or gold-plated SIMM contact fingers. If they are
gold you will have ( or maybe already have) a problem. Over time a gold/tin
or gold/silver junction will electroplate, ruining contact tolerances. No,
not actually corrode, but metal will transfer, making the surfaces unevenly
contact. This will be especially a problem if you are in higher humidity.

There's a few to try out. Generally I would bet that if the machine runs at
all then the board is NOT shot, but a small issue making it unhappy...

Bad cache, memory, CPU and so forth usually show up consistently and

Best regards,

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