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RH5.1, UDMA2, Promise Ultra33 controller

I've got a Multia 166 with a Promise Ultra33 controller and a couple IBM
UDMA2 drives stuck to it.  I'm running kernel 2.0.35.  Currently, things are
running fine, but I'm wondering if the controller is actually using UDMA2.

I've noticed on the devel kernels there is support for using DMA modes by
default if a controller supports it, which leads me to believe the stable
kernels don't.  I've tried making a 2.1.123 kernel, but it won't seem to
boot.  (and on a Multia 166, it takes a long time to compile, so I really
don't want to sit and try many different configurations.  :)

Does anyone know if (and how) I can check and see what mode my IDE
controller is runnning in with a 2.0.35 kernel?  (or with any kernel?)  The
drives are working fine, I'm just wondering if I'm getting the full UDMA2
support from them.


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