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Re: Dead in water on Jensen...

I haven't used a Jensen, but according to SRM Howto, the  4MB boot
area which is reserved for aboot should be left empty as in other alpha
boxes. That means your first partition should begin at the offset of


sincerely yours
Xiaozhou Qiu

Linux Consorsium
Interoperability Lab
University of New Hampshire
Durham,  NH 03824


On Fri, 13 Aug 1999, Champigny, Michael wrote:

> Please help, I've been trying to install on a Jensen for a week.
> I followed the cook book instructions on the www.alphalinux.org
> page and they simply don't work.
> I would like to use aboot to boot Linux but the method outlined
> doesn't work for me.
> I upgraded to firmware 1.7, used minlabel to partition my drive.
> First question...
> Does the 4MB boot partition need to set to type "boot" or "ext2"?
> Next, I used copyboot to copy the boot disk to the boot partition.
> I created the boot disk with:
> cat lxboot.aboot lxboot.aboot bootlx.aboot vmlinux.gz > /dev/fd0
> This is outlined on alphalinux.org. This was successful as well.
> Now here is where things fail...I get into SRM and type:
> >>> boot -fl i dka0
> I get a couple startup messages from aboot (it's version 0.5) and
> then it complains about wrong type for partition 1. I tried with types
> "boot" and "ext2" and both gave me error messages. "boot" was
> simply unrecognized. "ext2" gave me an error about unzip reaching
> eof. What gives?
> Can anyone give me step by step instructions for installing RH6.0 on
> a Jensen using aboot? At this point, any method that works would
> be great.
> Thanks,
> Michael
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