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Re: How do I start KDE?

>I've (finally) got RedHat 6.0 installed on my AS 200.  Now my question is,
>how do i get it to start up with KDE instead of GNOME?

Dont know.

>also one more thing, how do i get the linload.exe and milo onto the 10M FAT
>partition so I can boot from it instead of that floppy disk?

mount the 10M FAT like
mount -t msdos /dev/"your disk" /mnt/msdos
copy linload.exe and milo to the disk

if you are using Windows NT ARC (this is from the file MILO - HOWTO)

  1. At the boot menu, select "Supplementary menu..."

  2. At the "Supplementary menu", select "Set up the system..."

  3. At the "Setup menu", select "Manage boot selection menu..."

  4. In the "Boot selections menu", choose "Add a boot selection"

  5. Choose "Your harddisk"

  6. Enter "linload.exe" as the osloader directory and name

  7. Say "yes" to the operating system being on the same partition as
     the osloader

  8. Enter "

  9. I usually enter "Linux" as the name for this boot selection

     Say "No" you do not want to initialise the debugger at boot time

     You should now be back in the "Boot selections menu", choose the
     "Change a boot selection option" and pick the selection you just
     created as the one to edit

     Use the down arrow to get "OSLOADFILENAME" up and then type in the
     name of the MILO image that you wish to use, for example
     "noname.arc" followed by return.

     Press ESC to get back to the "Boot Selections menu"

     Choose "Setup Menu" (or hit ESC again) and choose "Supplementary
     menu, and save changes" option

     ESC will get you back to the "Boot menu" and you can attempt to
     boot MILO.  If you do not want Linux as the first boot option, then
     you can alter the order of the boot options in the "Boot selections


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