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Re: Something like HyperTerminal

Good evening Jeff and all,
	I tried using the minicom program and I had problems getting the
program to display and then the /dev/modem was locked. How do you
unlock the /dev/modem?!  Thanks!

	Wade B

Jeff DeMaagd wrote:
> I do not know of a GUI serial terminal app, but the
> suggested combination of a terminal program plus
> minicom (or is it miniterm?) works great with me.  One
> of my boards do not seem to work properly unless I
> turn it on after I start minicom, I guess it confuses
> the board's strange autobaud sensing.
> I did not touch kermit as it has a strange
> constrictive source licencing, I could not compile it,
> among other headaches.
> Jeff
> --- Michal Jaegermann
> <michal@ellpspace.math.ualberta.ca> wrote:
> > Mark Holloway wrote:
> > >
> >> Is there a GUI app (for Gnome possibly?) that will
> do the same thing..?
> > Any "terminal type" application (xterm, rxvt,
> gnome-terminal, kvt, ...) plus something which talks
> to a serial port will do.  I tend to use kermit in
> such circumstances as it is not trying to do too much
> and is easy to configure in many different ways
> (www.kermit.org). 'miniterm' is probably somewhere in
> your distribution.
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