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Compaq C V6.2 for Linux Alpha is available

Compaq Computer Corporation is pleased to announce the availability of
Compaq C Version 6.2 for Linux Alpha. This product provides the same
highly-optimizing C compiler technology for the Alpha processor as found
on Compaq's Tru64(tm) UNIX=AE and OpenVMS operating systems. This
product also includes the Compaq Portable Math Library (CPML) and the
Ladebug debugger ported from Tru64(tm) UNIX=AE.  Documentation includes
man pages, a Language Reference Manual, and a Programmers Guide.

Compaq C Version 6.2 provides the same code optimization technology used
in Compaq Fortran for Linux Alpha, both of which are up-to-date with the
very latest compilers for Compaq's Tru64(tm) UNIX=AE. This technology
can provide significant performance improvements in C applications
previously built for Linux Alpha. In some floating-point intensive C
applications, for example, improvements of a factor of two or more have
been seen, while more modest improvements on the order of 15% to 30% are
more often seen for integer codes.

The public beta period has ended, and Compaq C Version 6.2 for Linux
Alpha is now available. The product can be downloaded immediately from
the World Wide Web at no charge, subject to acceptance of an online
license agreement.  It will also be offered on CDROM for a moderate
price in the near future.

Support services include:

   *	Free peer-to-peer Web-based support available from
   	University of New Hampshire (UNH)
   *	Per-incident call packs from Compaq Customer Support Center
   *	Subscription service which provides automatic availability
   	of new Compaq C releases

For more information on downloading the Compaq C product, go to
http://www.compaq.com/linux <http://www.compaq.com/linux>  and
click on the "Software" link.

Compaq Fortran for Linux Alpha has also concluded its public beta
test, and is now available.  For more information, go to
http://www.compaq.com/fortran <http://www.compaq.com/fortran> .

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