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Re: OpenSource/GPL crypto software and Alpha?

-- Michal Jaegermann
<michal@ellpspace.math.ualberta.ca> wrote:
> Designer Seven wrote:
> > 
> > I seem to always be having problems with crypto
> > software on Alpha. I don't get it...
> > 
> > example1: RSA md5 ref code... compiles on x86,
> sparc,
> > alpha... but, md5 hash on alpha is always wrong.
> Eh?  This is md5sum for some random file calculated
> on Alpha:
> 380aa9072f3b9775c80f0be088c4170
> This is md5sum for the same file mounted via NFS and
> calculated
> on x86 machine:
> 380aa9072f3b9775c80f0be088c4170

Ok, perhaps an example would clarify what I am trying
to say:

from ftp.rsa.com ... there is the MD5 reference code.
This code, compiled on Alpha (using gcc,egcs, or ccc)
gets me this:

MD5 (md5.txt) = 7504cf60785d3eff97ecd0a01d537640

which is incorrect.

The EXACT same code, compiled on an UltraSPARC gives:

MD5 (md5.txt) = c6beb4140671d319f6433a3399cf6df2

which is correct.

md5sum on Alpha on the same file (md5.txt) gives:

c6beb4140671d319f6433a3399cf6df2  md5.txt

So I guess you can say, md5sum does work. However, why
does the same code on two different machines generate
two different things? The MD5 reference code works
fine on intel and ultrasparc, but not Alpha.

It was probably not wise to state "OpenSource/GPL"...
which might have implied "ALL OpenSource/GPL" ...
which isn't the case. But so far, this MD5 thing is
confusing to me. Also, SSLeay and OpenSSL both
compile, however almost all tests fail.

Has anyone gotten SSLeay to work on Alpha?

> examples.  Actually all crypto libraries which I
> have seen take care to
> be portable and sources usually come with corectness
> tests.  I do not
> even think that any of these libraries is Linux
> specific (I may be wrong
> on the last point but I do not recall any of that
> kind at this moment).

Well, at least the OpenSSL and SSLeay stuff hasn't
worked for me.... has it for you? Like you stated, the
"correctness" tests mostly fail. If you have any
ideas, please enlighten me!

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