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SAINT on Alpha... no go..


Well... I had several buddies at work (long time experienced 
programmers) take a look at the problem I'm having compiling SAINT on 
Alpha.... no one seems to understand what's going on... check the 
preprocessor output.. seems fine. Odd things happening though... when I 
added an extra var to the function that was giving the problem.. I got 
some really odd results... bascially, I added:

int foo;
foo = ip->ip_v;

and I got some error saying that:
parse error before line xxx (the int foo line above)
undeclared variable foo (first used in this function) ...

or something along those lines. The thing is, I can't visually see 
anything wrong at ALL. there is just a block of comments right above 
those two lines that are from the original code. 

Seeing that this code compiled without any problems at all on 
i386/Linux.... I'm not sure if architecture differences is causing the 
problem.. and even if there are such issues.. these don't look like the 
type of errors I would get. I'm beginning to think that perhaps there is 
something odd with my compiler system, or there are some quirks with 


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