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Re: Library questions (Re: Assembler code conversion package)

	Oh, one other thing to keep in mind.  Compaq has "come out of the 
closet" as regards Linux support on Alpha hardware recently, even setting
up an official web page on the corporate server: 
<http://www.unix.digital.com/linux/>.  Given that Digital/Compaq are even 
hawking "Linux-ready AlphaServer systems", does it not logically follow
that they will begin supporting those systems with additional software
like compilers? 
	I am drawing up a proposal for a 40-50 node AlphaLinux cluster for
our department to potentially replace an aging CM5.  One of the key questions
the administration will ask, I am sure, is whether or not commercial-quality
compilers exist for AlphaLinux and are supported by a corporate entity.  
If Compaq really does want to offer AlphaLinux as an alternate OS on their
Alpha systems, they should take the extra step of making it the 
best/fastest/most stable/etc. it can possibly be.  That only makes good
business sense.


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