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RE: Nothing happening...

Is it possible that A. You didn't give the right board name for you ahh
B. Your SCSI is not configured correctly.  What chipset do you use for
your SCSI?

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		From:	Ron Farrer [mailto:uct@fidalgo.net]
		Sent:	Monday, January 11, 1999 1:53 PM
		To:	Red Hat Alpha Linux mail list
		Subject:	Nothing happening...

		Well I'm at it again :)

		After building my new kernel and booting it, it gets to
"VFS: Mounted root
		(ext2 filesystem) readonly." and nothing happens after
that. It just sits
		there with no errors, nothing. I have checked
/var/log/messages and can
		find nothing.

		As before the stock RH5.1 kernel works fine but mine
doesn't. I am using
		the kernel source that comes with RH5.1 as I have no way
to 'place'
		anything on the system until I get the network card to
work, which
		requires the latest tuilip, which requires me to compile
a new kernel,
		which is what started this whole mess.

		System is:
		AXPpci33 aka Noname
		32MB RAM
		2.1GB SCSI-2 narrow HDD



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