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Re: Milo * bootp

"stig.telfer" wrote:
> > Someone mentioned the existance of a bootp version of Milo earlier. Has
> > someone worked on this, and is it available?
> I put together a net-booting Milo and am satisfied that it works for
> booting small numbers of systems.  However, I have not seen it boot a
> large cluster simultaneously, there is no timeout-retry code in the TFTP
> transfer, so it will not be reliable for booting clusters under heavy
> network load.  An exercise for the reader...
> I am currently distributing it on a small scale and in an unsupported
> way.  However, Alpha-Linux already seems to be mired in a primordial
> soup of OS loaders.  What would be the best policy for releasing such a
> thing?

IMHO it should be a patch against the latest official MILO sources,
until someone steps up as the maintainer of MILO and starts releasing
new official versions....


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