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Re: Scsi controllers

"Wes Bauske" <wsb@paralleldata.com> writes:

> > I'm not sure what you mean here?  For the same type of SCSI (ie, UW),
> > the NCR will generally outperform the Adaptec.
> > 
> Not with U2W from what I saw posted on Initio's performance
> charts for their U2W cards. Looks like the Symbios card didn't
> even get into U2W mode since it didn't top 40 MB/sec on large
> block I/O with 4 drives.

Which symbios card were you using?  Are you sure the one you had was
U2W-capable?  And that your drives were capable of that performance?
And that the kernel options were appropriate?

> Haven't seen a good set of charts for the other SCSI types.
> To me, the price difference is the primary reason to buy Symbios.
> The Initio prices look pretty good too though but I don't think
> they'll work on Alphas. Maybe when the new AMD K7(aka Athlon) is
> available, they might work well together.
> Wes
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