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Stable Alpha on 2.2? How do we build a stable install?

I've been having the same instability problems listed on the various
other threads about RH6.0.  

This is an lx164 running a clean RH6.0 installation plus the rpms from

-The system will reboot spontaneously.  

-The kernel (2.2.5, 2.2.7, 2.2.10) appears to have memory leaks.  I can
do something simple like compile a kernel (without kernel modules
loaded or X running) and suddenly find memory use at 180M when all is
done and I'm sitting at a shell prompt with next to nothing running.

-The most frequent problem is a SEGV to my X process which locks the
display.  Then I switch to another box on my lan and ssh over to
reboot it.  And not I'm not running the Font Server.  The problem
persists using gdm or not.  

-There are other X failure modes which are somewhat less severe.
 These seems to involve unaligned traps and so forth from various X

- A nagging problem is that I can't compile any large package (like
the kernel) in one attempt.  cc gets a variety of nasty signals or
outright confused about how to compile something.  Running the make
again will get me further through the package.  The same stopping
points aren't repeated on attempts to replicate the scenario, so it
appears to be a problem outside the compilation system itself.

- miscellaneous applications (e.g. bash, emacs, ncftp) will experience
  the same mysterious signal of death that X gets in a non-repeatable

All these problems happen across all three kernel version listed

So far 2.2.7 seems to be the best of the lot, 2.2.10 was a nightmare.
But frankly the situation sucks.  From reading the axp-list archive I
can't really determine what combination of kernel patches and systemic
upgrades I should undertake.

I've gone from uptimes measured in months down to hours here.  What do
I do to fix it?  There are some really nice things in 2.2, but they
don't do me much good when the system crashes more often than windoze.

I'd prefer to make it work under RH6, but if they've solved this in
SuSE or Debian I'll abandon Redhat in a heartbeat.

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