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Re: Problems upgrading to 6.0

--- Wes Bauske <wsb@paralleldata.com> wrote:
> Progress.
> The new ramdisk images for RH6.0 are romfs file systems.
> You have to use a kernel with romfs support built in.
> That means you have to build your own or use the one from
> RH6.0's CD. I tried to use my old kernel that didn't have

Wait a second. Let me make sure I understand this.  The
RHL install procedure requires two floppy disks - the
boot disk and the ramdisk.  These can be created by using
rawrite or dd to write the generic.img and ramdisk.img
files to two floppy disks.  The kernel boots from the
boot disk then loads the file system from the ramdisk.
Now if both generic.img and ramdisk.img came from RH6.0,
how could it be that the kernel is missing the file system
necessary to read the ramdisk?

BTW, if I have to build my own kernel, which versions
of the Linux kernel have romfs support?

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