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Hallo !
I just tried to install acroread 3/4 on my LX. 

Reading specs from /usr/lib/gcc-lib/alpha-redhat-linux/egcs-2.91.60/specs
gcc version egcs-2.91.60 19981201 (egcs-1.1.1 release)
Linux sixtyfor 2.2.3 #4 Fri Apr 2 10:09:41 CEST 1999 alpha unknown

The em86 docu says to use the supplied installation routine (which I did)
and to simply launch the reader (which failed) or to explicitly use em86:

root@sixtyfor:/root/incoming/jun03 > em86 /usr/local/Acrobat3/Reader/intellinux/bin/acroread
em86(628): unaligned trap at 00000000600379cc: 000000006015b53c 29 1
/usr/local/Acrobat3/Reader/intellinux/bin/acroread: can't load library 'libreadcore.so'

If I try version 4 I just get:
/usr/local/Acrobat4/Reader/intellinux/bin/acroread: can't load library 'libreadcore.so'

The message "can't load" appears also if I try to use the supplied script.
If there are any other resources I'll be glad to check them.



P.S. Is it true as one dealer explained at the LinuxTag (Linux convention
in Germany) that em86 optimises the applications as fx!86 does ?

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