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Re: Finally booted RH6, but [p|th]ings still go wrong

Phil_Carmody wrote:
> System: Ruffian UX4, Diamond FireGL1000Pro, off the shelf RH6.0
> Thanks to those who suggested skipping the symlink and going straight to the
> _explicit_ kernel file name (either of /boot/vmlinu[zx]-2.2.5-16) on the
> milo boot line.

You will save yourself some typing if you create /etc/milo.conf.
A sample such file is on a boot disk from RH6.0 distribution (a file
system on it is _not_ compressed so you can mount it and have a look).
Then at 'MILO>' prompt you may type 'b sda2', or whatever is a partition
name on which /etc/milo.conf resides and after that type a label you
gave to some particular configuration.

I do not think that you can auto-boot that way.  If this is not the
case then somebody, please, correct me.  This is, obviously, not
a very big deal as you can autoboot in another way.

> Both files work OK, I didn't bother trying the symlink
> again to see if my failure had mysteriously disappeared.

Why RH bothered to stick both on a hard drive is a bit of a mystery.
This is actually the same thing - one in a compressed state and the
other uncompressed.  Updates actually have 2.2.5-22 (and also both
files are present - RH has some deals with disk makers or what? *).

> Do I need a patched version
>    of ping? (*)


> 2) Gnome gives me 2 core files every time I log on

Hm, works for me (but not some other things).

>    do this), and I don't like the ammount of memory it eats, so I'd rather
>    go back to plain simple fvwm2. To do this, I have a .xsession file

Do that rather in your own .Xclients.  In /etc/X11/xinint/ there is a
system file Xclients.  Looking at its contents it is clear that if you
have a file /etc/sysconfig/desktop with a line which says "AnotherLevel"
then fvwm2 will start instead of Gnome - provided, of course, that fvwm2
was installed.

>    containing xterm&; xearth&; fvwm2 and no more. On the PC, this is
>    fine and I get. On the PC everything's OK, on the Alpha I get an xearth,
>    but no other windows, and no menus on my mouse.

It sounds like you did not install fvwm2.

> 4) Sometimes I try `telinit -t 1 3` to go from 5 to 3. This disappears up
>    its own arse. I can sometimes go to 1, and then to 3. Erm?

There is a big pile of updates to 6.0.  It is possible that I do not
see some of the stuff you are talking about because I have updates
applied.  In particular I was switching levels with telinit and so far
nothing strange happened.  Maybe just lucky?


*) The current glibc is some 58 Megabytes!  Bulk of this stuff are not
libraries at all but /usr/lib/gconv/ and /usr/share/i18n/.  You may need
sometimes some pieces but highly likely you will not ever look at 98%
of that.  This is crazy as this covers only a small handful of languages
and people with other language needs can rightfuly ask "why not me?".
It has to be some way to install only what you need or executables will
soon be an insignificant minority on your hard drive filled with stuff
_you_ never touch (somebody else might but s/he will be care about things
important for you).  As things stand right now you have, for example,
a bunch of random manpages in a Brazillian version of Portuguese.
Who knows why these and not others.  Anybody for a full set of a
documentation and glibc messages in Cree?  Why not?  More people likely
use that than Gaelic.

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