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Re: IDE drive on Multia?

With regards to your message at 10:43 PM 07-07-99 -0400, Brian Beuning.
Where you stated:
>My multia presently has no internal disk.  It is connected to a four
>bay SCSI box with one 3 gig disk (full height, two bays), an empty
>bay (for cooling), and a CD-ROM drive.
>My choices for adding disk space seem to be:
>1. Toss the 3 gig drive, and replace it with a 1/2 height larger capacity
>    SCSI disk.  (I am cheap, I paid lots of money for the 3 gig disk 5 years
>    ago and can not bear the thought of it sitting around collecting dust.
>    Maybe the 486 could use it...)
>2. Get a SCSI box with more bays, and add more SCSI disks.  Seven
>    bay SCSI boxes seem to be fairly expensive.
Not really. Typical 8 bay SCSI box, 250W power only costs $190..

>3. Add an internal 3.5" SCSI or IDE drive.  People warn about heat problems
>    in the multia that I don't want to learn about first hand.
>4. Get an internal 2.5" SCSI disk.  These are rare.
Extremely, and quite expensive. Also, a SCSI drive uses a a lot more power
( and thereby disspates more heat) than an IDE drive. See recent threads on
UDB heat death for thoughts on this..

>5. Get an internal 2.5" IDE disk.  A couple of places sell 6.4 gig for $190.
>    The disk is slow (4200 RPM), but it is lots of space at a competitive
>6. Get a 2.5" IDE and an IDE-to-SCSI converter.  Why?  It would cost $190
>    the card and the disk is still slow.  The converter isn't going to
speed it
>up any.
>My best choice seems to be #1 or #5.
>Am I missing something here?
Obviously money!  ;^}
Alternative #6: Buy a new computer. I know, this is travesty, but a brand
new PC ( albeit an X86 one, not an Alpha) will cost you under $500.. And it
is one hell of a lot faster than a UDB, and actually has a warranty!

Best regards,

  Maurice W. Hilarius                   Telephone: 01-780-456-9771
  Hard Data Ltd.                        FAX:       01-780-456-9772
  11060 - 166 Avenue                    email:maurice@harddata.com
  Edmonton, AB, Canada  - T5X 1Y3       http://www.harddata.com

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