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RE: help with firewall / milo

the 3com 3c905b-tx is the active card in the machine at this point.
when i plugged in the 3com, the dec tulip card stopped responding.

the 3c905b-tx responds fine to ping, smb, telnet, netscape... it seems
to work fine.


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> I am trying to setup a firewall on my PC164.  i have two ethernet
> a DEC tulip and a 3com 3c905b-tx.  I am running redhat 5.2 with a
> kernel.  
> What is the best way to get linux to recognize two ethernet cards.  I

Last I checked, the 3c905_B_ cards are specifically NOT COMPATIBLE with 
Linux/Alpha... mind you, that was almost a year ago, but I believe it
something to do with the PnP bullsh*t.  I bought a 3c905-T4 (note, no B)
but haven't tested it yet.


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