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Question about RH6.0 kernel builds...

I have a few questions about the new layout of RH6.0 and kernel builds...

First off, what is this /etc/milo.conf file all about and how do I use it? I
see any documentation on it. What packages update or affect it? Is it
edited by hand when a new kernel is installed or built?

I heard that recompiling the kernel is no longer necessary. How can that be?
Is the stock kernel configured with *all* drivers? That couldn't be. Maybe
the writer meant was that everything can be done through modules now. If
that is so, what is the procedure for building new kernels on Alpha? I only
recall the "old" Red Hat method of downloading sources and going through
the make mrproper...yada yada yada. 

Is there an easier way to build kernels now? Or just build modules into the
stock RH provided kernel?

Please help, the documentation on RH site bl*ws as usual.

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