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I would have let this alone if only one person had brought it up but since 2
people have, very politely, suggested that I should be discreet about my
comments pertaining to VMS I feel I should set the record straight.

VMS doesn't need anyone to apologize for it.  There are some 1/4 of a
trillion people who love it still and they know what a solid workhorse it's
always been.  In retrospect VMS may have been one of the most important
things that *ever* came out of Digital.  I've never been a VMS fan (can ya
tell?) but my opinions about this are inappropriate, especially on a
Linux/Alpha site!

I'll admit a lack of foresight in underestimating the potential in having
VMS ported to every platform under the sun.  It would great to see one or
more of Digital/Compaq's OSes running on every platform *including* the Sun!
I really need to learn business savvy!!!! ;->

Greg "that's enough outta me" Rebuck

Compaq Services
PM&D: Compaq Analyze project
(719) 592-7706
COMPAQ Computer Corporation

Jedi Knight from the Plaid Side of the Force.

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