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Re: seti at home

Uh-oh, you just compared WinNT to Linux, and since Linux
came out looking bad, expect to be bombed by Linux
zealots! ;^)

Sorry. I have been catching up on my reading and I have seen
way to many reactions to the Mindcraft benchmarks...

Thanks for the quick and dirty bechmark, it is interesting...



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From: jmd <jmd@infinet.com>
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Date: Sunday, July 18, 1999 7:38 PM
Subject: Re: seti at home

>I decided to see what difference there is between running Seti@home in
>Linux and NT on my box. The board is Cabriolet 275mhz 128M 2M cache.
>The differences have been kicked around a little....what the code is 
>optimized for (ev5 and mine is ev4)... and is it actually doing more
>"science", etc.
>RH 5.2 stock install returned 21+ hours to complete.
>NT 4.0 service pack 3 returned 12h 45mins
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