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Re: XP1000 installation


I'm having two problems.

1.)  It keeps telling us that we can't create a partition over 512 meg for swap?
I'm using generic-up-223 file from gatekeeper and the RedHat 5.2 installation CD.

2.)  We have two drives, one 4 gig(main drive), and a second 18 gig that is
intended to be scratch, both SCSI.  When I use fdisk to set up the BSD
information, I get this for a disk summary:

disk              geom                total               used
sdb        [1023/255/63]        8024M         17351              -9327M

I noticed in the doc you pointed me too, it talks about an 18gig SCA-2 drive.
This drive came from Compaq with the system.

Todd Henderson

Jay.Estabrook@digital.com wrote:

> >>> Todd Henderson said:
> > I'm about to do a Redhat install on an XP1000.  This is my first ever
> > install.  If anyone has any gotcha's to watch out for on the XP1000 I'd
> > appreciate the email.  Or if there are any clear instructions/procedures
> > that actually list the XP1000, that would be great too.
> Actually, the instructions for the DS10 and DS20 are appropriate for XP1000
> as well. Find them at:
>         http://www.digital.com/alphaserver/linux/install_guide.html
> > I've got the CD's for 5.2, but I'm going to try and download and install
> > the 6.0 kernel from ftp.digital.com/pub/DEC/Linux-Alpha/Kernels/.
> Either the kernel on the 6.0 CD, or the generic-up-223 version on gatekeeper
> ought to work fine for install of 5.2.
> Good luck!
> --Jay++
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