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Re: Linux Install on AlphaServer 4X00 5/400 21164 400MHz

Actually, to play counterpoint, I've done a few AS4x00 installs (both 4100
and 4000) and with RH 6.0 the installs were, for the most part, flawless.
The biggest thing for me was to update to the 5.4 firmware - that also
enabled me to use serial console on the systems (being rackmounted, that was
a big deal for me).  You should just be able to stick the CD in and boot from
SRM with 'b -fi kernels/generic.gz -fl "root=/dev/scd0 load_ramdisk=1"' (or,
set the environment variables boot_file and bootdef_dev appropriately).  I
was, somewhat sad to say, quite surprised that everything worked this
easily.  Taking into account the steps from the SRM howto (like running
swriteboot during the install and using BSD disklabels...) the installs
seemed perfectly clean.  Let me know if this doesn't seem to be the case for

 - Pete

Matthew Jacob wrote:

> I have to admit that I've failed to directly install either RH6.0 or RH5.2
> on my Alpha 4000 machines. I *have* run Linux on them, but that's because
> I took a SRM variant disk installed on another machine (a UDB). I was
> never able to make aboot work, so I always had to boot a hacked (with a
> wired root device) vmlinuz from a NetBSD disk instead.
> I wanted to chase this down, but these are shared machines in a machine
> room at NASA/Ames which it's hard for me to schedule time for this
> specific usage so I haven't yet.
> The take home lesson was that for me, the out of the box experience was a
> complete no-go. This, by the way, has been the case for me with every
> alpha and nearly every sparc RH install for the last 3 years (I kid you
> not). Various contortions have made it possible to actually get things
> installed and running, but it's been such an uphill struggle and there's
> been only a very mild amount of interest from the various developers (rth
> being an exception) that it gets very discouraging.
> -matt
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