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Re: Linux Install on AlphaServer 4X00 5/400 21164 400MHz

Matthew Jacob wrote:

> > follow my own advice, here is how far booting my rawhide got (configuration is
> > self-evident, as I'm posting the entirety of the boot messages):
> Thanks. Yes, this is helpful. I certainly had believed that it must have
> worked for someone at some point! Like I said, I had a working 2.2.4
> kernel RH5.2 system (installed on a multia, hauled in and working on this
> very machine) which got scrogged.. so I know that this particular machine
> had actually run linux out the serial console once...

Yup.  It seems that once the system is installed, serial console works fine.  I wonder if we
have any support for the RCM modules...that way I don't have to keep walking in the lab and
hitting the halt button every time I blow something up.

> >  sdg: sdg1 sdg2 sdg3 sdg4
> > VFS: Mounted root (iso9660 filesystem) readonly.
> > Freeing unused kernel memory: 168k freed
> >
> > It then hangs - no keyboard input is possible.  I believe the next step
> > is to add swap  (normally).  Hmmm... verrry interesting.  Anyone care to
> > venture a guess as to why this didn't work?
> At the moment, ENOCLUE....sigh, I wish I was at NASA/Ames today- I could
> pursue this right now...

Actually, I was incorrect - it's not supposed to add swap (obviously - the only FS it knows
about so far is read-only...duh).  The next thing that should have happened was the system
printing "hello" and then the RH install version of init starting up.  So...maybe the install
init program doesn't correctly handle serial console?  Should just be printing stuff to
/dev/console...hmmm...RTH - any ideas?

 - Pete

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