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Kernel Memory Violation Error

I am running Apache 1.3.6 and MySQL 3.21.xx on a Redhat 5.2,  AlphaStation
500. The server is hosting a medium traffic website (circa 50k

Until today, the server uptime was at 68 days. I have re-booted it just now
due to irregular behaviour :
1. I have to re-start my MySQL server like every once/day - either the
server has mysteriously died, or multiple instances of server was initiated;
2. My syslogd died mysteriously, even though multiple attempts were made to
restart it everyday;
3. And the last straw is when i find out my console screen is filled with
Error messages such as multiple (kernel, FTP, httpd) memory violation and
similar other undecipherable messages & characters.

Looking through the server logs, the only sign of anything abnormal (which
was recorded) was the entries below:

/var/log/kernel:Jul 16 19:30:51 xxxxx kernel: httpd: memory violation at
pc=120085ab4 rp=120085a7c (bad address = 00000000) 
/var/log/kernel:Jul 19 14:22:19 xxxxx kernel: httpd: memory violation at
pc=12009ca38 rp=12009ca0c (bad address = 1202cde80) 

For the life of me, I do not know what the above means :) apart from a
memory violation error (duh!). However, the dates do indicate to me that
these might be the start as the problems above cropped up just about that

Do you think this was just a one-off isolated case? Or is it there's
something terribly wrong with my server?

Any feedbacks, opinions, suggestions, etc. is greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance

Feisal Umar

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