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Re: Bootable CD

> Does someone knows how to create a bootable CD on Alpha?

If you mean something like CDs bootable from ATAPI CDs by that kind
of BIOS you can find on Intel boards, then such thing does not exist
because you do not have such BIOS you can find on Intel boards and the
whole boot sequence is different.  A hack which makes CD's bootable
(it is really a not very nice hack) is called "El-Torito protocol"
and it is a function of firmware to work, or not, with it.

If you mean a CD which will automatically boot from ARC BIOS (Alpha BIOS,
whatever in this family) menu then **every** CD you can boot there you
can also auto boot; just create a menu entry with commands to boot, make
it default and set autoboot with a non-zero timeout.  You can make that
a bit more convenient by writing 'milo.conf' on this CD.  Documentation
for 'milo.conf' can be found on ftp://genie.ucd.ie/pub/alpha/milo (but
timeouts do not seem to be operational yet, so you have to make that as
outlined above).

If you want that from SRM - then make CD bootable with a help of utilities
includes in 'aboot' package and set various SRM variables to autoboot
that (why you would want to do this?  SRM will make your like a bit
"interesting" after that :-).  Once again, there is nothing special
you have, or can, do to otherwise bootable CD.

If you want something else then I have no idea but tell us what
is really what you want.


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