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Re: dosemu on axp?

Larry Snyder wrote:
> Hi all --
> I have exactly _one_ legacy app that's keeping an x86 box around here.
> It's a cookbook database (and of course the internals are proprietary)
> that I run under dosemu on an old dx2/66 box and X back to the as200.
> Has anyone managed to get dosemu running either natively (current
> source at least seems to imply that the emulated x86 is there now, in
> addition to the emulated environment), or possibly under em86?  I'd
> _really_ like to get to one hardware platform to support.
> This app does nothing fancy, uses ansi graphics, and never needed
> any winders support, so the environment to run it is nowhere near
> as complex as it could be....
> The only thing I found in the archives was an unanswered note of a
> similar nature from someone in .ch last March.  There were no alpha
> referrences at all in the dosemu list archives.

dosemu will not run on the axp platform. It doesn't emulate the actual
x86 cpu but depends on a real one being there.

A couple of options are bochs (last time I tried it it worked but was
*very* slow) or something called pcemu which I played with years ago, it
emulated just an 8086 CPU but did run DOS ok, sorry I can't recall where
I got it though.

Brian E.W. Wood - beww@intac.com
"Very Funny Scotty, Now BEAM DOWN MY CLOTHES"

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