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Re: Recent experiences installing RedHat 5.2 on Alpha

On Thu, 18 Mar 1999, David Thorpe wrote:

> djt@host% uname -a
> Linux sperm.state51.co.uk 2.0.36 #1 ... alpha unknown
> djt@host% cat /var/log/messages | grep proc
> Mar 14 19:13:53 kernel: Cannot read proc file system: 9 - Bad file 
>                         descriptor.
> Mar 14 19:14:23 last message repeated 260656 times
> Mar 14 19:15:24 last message repeated 527539 times
> Mar 14 19:16:25 last message repeated 529375 times
> Mar 14 19:17:26 last message repeated 528771 times
> Mar 14 19:18:28 last message repeated 523878 times
> [etc]

This reminds me strongly of numerous past threads on this list,
as well as problems we've had on our own Ruffians, related to 
klogd/syslogd getting out of control.  Do a top and check if
klogd and/or syslog are not chewing up most of your CPU cycles.

Various remedies were proposed.  A quick and dirty one (that has
always worked for us) is to simply kill klogd/syslogd.

If you can't find anything in the archives on this, I can send
you a collection of 200+ messages related to this topic from my
own archive.

Hope this helps,


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