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about gcc

Thank you Richard and Harley.
I changed /usr/src/linux/arch/alpha/Makefile as following instruction.
"old_gas := yes"
But same error occurred in compiling core_tsunami.c
On system gas version is 2.7(alpha-unknown-linux), using BFD version
and gcc version is
In core_tsunami.c there is macro assembly code using ldbu, ldwu, stb, stw
which are byte and word instruction, in RedHat 5.2 this macro compiled well,
but RedHat 4.2 not. But I should use RedHat 4.2 to compile MILO.
Because there some libraray conflict with Redhat 5.2.

On Fri, Mar 19, 1999 at 03:33:26PM +0900, Hyung Min SEO wrote:
> I've got the mail at 10 March 1999 "subject : gcc on alpha".
> The issue was the error message "Error: macro requires $at register whil
> noat in effect".

The bug is in your binutils.

> ... on Redhat 4.2 ...

Which you cannot upgrade without upgrading your distribution, 
or being tricky.  The effort for the later is not worth it.

I'm rather surprised the variable $(old_gas) in arch/alpha/Makefile
isn't `y', which should prevent those instructions from being used.


CPU Team
Samsung Electronics
E-mail:hmseo@sec.samsung.com, axplinux@samsung.co.kr

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