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Re: Jensen installation this time for good

Well, your new image seems to work.  However, after it loads my RAM disk it
crashes with a HALT error.

The command I used to burn my ramdisk image (RH6) was

dd if=ramdisk.img of=/dev/fd0 bs=1440k

Sebastian Moeller wrote:

> Hi fellow jensen owners!
> I have something nice to report to you: there is a new aboot-kernel disk
> (jensen2.img) at ftp.lur.rwth-aachen.de/pub/incoming. And this time I
> even tested it ;). (Well, I had to get my own machine back to work; ->
> motivation goes a long way...)
> A grain of salt though, I just dd'ed the first 1474560 bytes of my
> harddisk to the image (dd if=/dev/sdb of=jensen2.img ibs=512 bs=512
> count=2880). (Aboot itself is smaller than 100 K and the kernel is
> smaller than 1.1 M so it should all be there) I copybooted this image to
> my disk and I can boot the kernel. (0/a does the trick, 1/2.2.12.gz does
> not work.) So use this image at your own risk.
> And again please report success/failure.
>         Sebastian Möller
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