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Re: Jensen boot question/problem

	Try waiting a long time after "starting portmapper".  It doesn't look
like the ethernet driver is being installed.   If the portmapper is trying
to use the network without an ethernet devices, long timeouts will occur. 

Since you can get it up in single user mode, I'll bet this is the problem. 

Although it is not a long term solution, try just waiting (10-20 minutes just
to be sure)  and see if you can get a regular prompt. 

If so, then you just have to figure out how to get your ethernet module
loaded and detected, and you should be all set!


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On Wed, 29 Sep 1999, Jo Schambach wrote:

> I am slowly edging towards a working system. After my last post, I
> figured out that I am able to boot single user by using the following
> response to the aboot prompt:
> 0/2.2.12.gz root=/dev/sda4 single
> and I finally got a bash shell.
> According to Sebastian Moellers instructions, I downloaded the
> system.map-2.2.12 and the libmod-2.2.12.tar.bz2 files from his ftp site,
> put them onto a floppy, mounted the floppy from the bash shell, and
> copied them into their appropriate places on my Jensen harddisk.
> I shut down the system, and started it again with the following answer
> to the aboot prompt:
> 0/2.2.12.gz root=/dev/sda4 
> The Jensen started booting, got through a few checks with "OK", and then
> finally stopped after displaying the following messages:
> modprope: can't locate module lo:0
> ....
> 						[OK]
> modprobe: can't locate module eth0:0
> ...
> modprobe: can't locate module eth0:49
> 						[OK]
> starting portmapper:
> and then nothing. 
> I have a feeling that I am very close, but not quite there. Anybody have
> any idea here?
> thanks in advance,		Jo
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