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Re: RedHat 6.2 on UDB

SteveCraft wrote:
> Not only have I seen slower performance on my UDB with 5.2 compared to 6.1,

"Slower performance" running what?  KDE or Gnome with E?  You want
pretty pictures - you eat memory and this will slow you down.  With a
heavy virtual memory use - quite considerably.  UDB was not meant for
that.  BTW - using different window manager, like ICEwm or sawmill
(renamed recently to sawfish), will cut down on needed resources

> but I also cannot figure out a comparitive install is so bloated now.

Once again.  It very much depends what you install.  If you do "Custom
install" and you will pick up _no packages_ from a list then some
minimal system will be installed and last time I looked it was quite
small. :-)  You may add to that what you __really__ need, and not what
can be maybe handy one day, and this still will be not that big.
Default installations assume that disks are much bigger nowadays so they
dump there various goodies of varying utility.  BTW - did you look what
is a size of /usr/doc and /usr/share on a "normal" installation?

> I have given up on the "Linux can be thin" tenet

Oh, it can. :-)  I have now Alpha ramdisk with bash, shared libraries
from RH 6.1 distro, and quite a few utilities (cut down versions but a
"regular" vi, for example) to make it a usable system.  It is still
below 2.5 MB.  If I will add more networking support then maybe will
start bumping into a whopping 3 MB and maybe even not that.  No, it does
not run X-windows. :-)

Withing 10 MB of a disk space you should be able to put quite
capable system.  Folks at http://www.smartdata.ch/ have a Linux
on a credit card (go and see for yourself) but this is not Alpha. :-)


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