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RE: cd-rom

You need to create a CD that is ISO9660 with RockRidge extensions.  MKISOFS
will make a .ISO image, however it is easier to just download the .ISO
image, then Adaptec EasyCD will work.
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> Sent: 	Wednesday, May 10, 2000 6:26 PM
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> Subject: 	cd-rom
> I have recently received a UP1000 with RH6.1.? I am trying to write CD's
> on my Win98 machine to port to the UP1000.? The CD Writer is HP
> CD-Writer+8100.? I am using Adaptec Easy CD Creator Version 3.01d (422).?
> The Help menu indicates to set the output CD to ISO9660, which I have
> done.? The CD is created and when loaded to the CD-RW unit on the UP1000,
> can see the files.? However, when I attempt to do a copy or install, I get
> a read error.? Any suggestion on what I am doing wrong.
> ?
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