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Re: stacksize

On Thu, 05 Oct 2000, you wrote:
> With RH 6.2, I want to increase my stacksize above 8192 k.  I know that
> setting it to unlimited causes problems with the alpha for some reason
> (but it's fine on intel machines).  What is this mysterious stacksize,
> why can't I find documentation on it, and can I go higher than 8192?
> Thanks,
> Ken

This has to do with all the 2.2 kernels for alphas. Unfortounately,
we have to wait for the 2.4 for an official fix. There, the problem is
appropriately solved. Even if you do change the stacksize as root, nothing
happens, since the kernel does not seem to see any difference.

Ps. Intel machines have this already fixed in v2.2 kernels... :-(

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