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Re: Intrest of games?

Okay okay okay -

Of course we would all like to see commercial games for alpha.  If you dig
into Loki's FAQ for Myth II, they mention they might make an alpha patch
available (they're already providing PPC pathes).  I'm guessing their
hold-up is good glide and GL support.  So .........

Instead of telling everyone on the list that you really wish we had alpha
games, tell Loki if you're serious !!!!!!   :) 


- Blake

On Sat, 2 Sep 2000, Arkadiy Chapkis - Arc wrote:

>   I would be very interested in trying UnrealTournament on Alpha on Linux in
> spite of not being fun of games and not having enough time to play. But I would
> even spend some money on a new Alpha and a game if I new it's fast, stable and
> interesting :)
> >
> >>Jonas Gustavsson wrote:
> >>>
> >>> Hi people!
> >>>
> >>> I just have a quick Q for the Alpha Linux crowd here(myself included I
> >guess):
> >>>
> >>> How many would be interested in commercial games for the AlphaLinux
> >platform?
> >>> (as in moving Intel Linux games over to Alpha Linux)
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