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Re: Alphastation 500/333 with Adaptec 2940U2W

On Thu, Aug 09, 2001 at 12:16:18PM -0400, Dan Kirkpatrick wrote:
> Mine is a AlphaPC164 (no lx or sx) with addon Adaptec 2930 (U), thus latest 
> SRM appears to be 5.5 only.

Only LX and SX (of all the boxes with CPU older than EV6) had the
Adaptec driver added to their SRM console.

> I'd rather find another way than recompiling kernel... too many systems and 
> not enough time.

I agree.

The suggestion was also made to use modules; that way, you load the
SYM53C8XX driver *before* the Adaptec, and you get what you want.

If you always intend the Symbios to be scsi0, then you could get away
with the following, and not have to muck about with an initrd:

1. build a kernel that has Symbios driver built in, and Adaptec driver
   as a module.

2. because it's the ONLY SCSI in the kernel, SYM53C8XX becomes scsi0

3. after boot, load up the Adaptec driver module, and get scsi1.

> I swapped the pci cards in every config and the order doesn't change the 
> association.

As I said, its dependent on the order in which the SCSI drivers are
asked to probe, and that order is defined in the SCSI code.

> Hmmm... this may be my last option...
> I'd really like the Symbios card to remain scsi0 so the boot drive stays 
> /dev/sda
> I guess it looks like my best option at this point... but each time I add a 
> disk, I have to change boot dev, and changes in fstab and aboot.conf

Try the method suggested above (SYM53C8XX builtin, AIC7XXX module),
and I think you should be OK.


Jay A Estabrook                            Alpha Engineering - LINUX Project
Compaq Computer Corp. - MRO1-2/K20         (508) 467-2080
200 Forest Street, Marlboro MA 01752       Jay.Estabrook@compaq.com

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