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Re: DEC Server 3300 and Redhat 7.1

On Fri, Aug 10, 2001 at 12:30:15AM -0500, Aaron Brueck wrote:
> You are definatly on to something with the QLogic driver.  I first tried a
> UWSCSI cdrom on the qlogic bus with the hard drive.  The install still
> crashed.  I then tried a  NCR810 SCSI controller and was able to complete
> the install from the cdrom on the NCR810 SCSI bus.   However on the first
> boot, the machine freezes and when I try to boot a 2nd time aboot crashes
> and says "ext2_bread: read error".

Dang! :-(

> Is there a LVD or UW PCI SCSI or RAID
> card supported by SRM that I might try?

NCR 875 or 895 should be fine.

One other option: IIRC, Matt Jacob has ported the BSD QLogic driver to
Linux, and it is available on www.feral.com. You could try replacing
the stock driver with that one, in the 2.4.x kernel, and rebuild.

Sorry, AS800 is indeed scarce around here; I had a borrowed one more than
a year ago for testing, but it went back within weeks and I don't know
how to get another... :-\

Good luck.


Jay A Estabrook                            Alpha Engineering - LINUX Project
Compaq Computer Corp. - MRO1-2/K20         (508) 467-2080
200 Forest Street, Marlboro MA 01752       Jay.Estabrook@compaq.com

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