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Re: RE: No RH7.2 for alpha?

This was the monopoly argument from Kurt:

Plus, most linux distros can't move enough copies (that are actually
bought) for Alpha to justify the engineering costs to their investors.
Intel is a different animal. Everyone has one of those and you can sell
lots of copies of a distro for that because everyone and their brother has

So if this statemnet is true, monopolies is a built in conclusion of market 
driven economy. It tells us to use Intel chips, not because they are good but 
because there's a lot of them.

I thought Linux was very much about "freedom of choice".

So the most favoroured linux kitter must be the one wholeheartedly supporting 
the most platforms. The others are not worth supporting.

So who has COMMITTED multiplatform and AGREED to standards? That's the question.

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